Mikroknytes - D.C. experimenatal Violin/Computer duo.
Bustghosters - Cut em up and play it fast. D.C. cut and paste core.
alcian blue - D.C. Shoegaze.
Red Line Index - A Post Punk Political Powergroup.
Inqilab - Another Post Punk Political Powergroup.
tungsten74 - Brooklyn post rock.
The Blow - Olympia story telling fun.
The Prisoner's Dilemma - D.C. Post Rock.
The Cassettes - Four track project of Shelby Cinca from Frodus.
All Green Lights - D.C. based home recording project of Ben Bettinson.
Passiou - Baltimore band of little sonic youths.
Doug Cheatwood - Peformance artist electronic musician extrodinaire from Roanoke, VA.
Human Host - Experimental baltimore collective.
Real Live Tigers - Site for the solo works of Tony Presley and his band.
The Fake Accents - Maryland good old indie rock and roll.
the summer we went west - emotive friends from the college park days.
The Morimotos - just a little posthumous bio for my old band. it does have some free mp3s up there.
jimes - silverspring, md by way of seattle cd player guy.
the cassettes - dc area space travelers and friends of gnomes. someone in the band used to play with frodus.
abiku - baltimore based industrial duo
lucky dragons - providence based spasm electronic guru.
laurel brauns - portsmouth, nh based singer/songwriter and all around nice girl
hott beat - girl in a mask, guy on the synths. fun fun fun.
the torch marauder - chapel hill super hero with the cable access show


Morning Light Records - Experimental D.C. music label.
Foxy Boy - D.C. British/Indie pop label.
MT6 Records - Baltimore label run by the guy from The Wire Orchestra.
Lujo - Home to The Cassettes and The Aquarium.


The Galaxy Hut - Alrington venue with free shows.
The Mojo Room - The place in Baltimore for cheap beers and good shows.
The Mill Creek Tavern - The Philly fire department is there when you load it, but the hipsters are there when you go on.
Heather's Hideaway - Venue in Johnson City, TN
Spring Water Supper Club - Happening establishment for live music in Nashville, TN.
Super Happy Funland - The place to play in Houston, Texas.
Cafe Mundi - Cafe with the occasional live music in austin.
duke coffee house - Student union coffee house in duke that hosts the live music deally.
the strange maine - a store of all things strange in portland maine. they do shows too
the red door - has a great indie music showcase every monday.
the night light - the jekyll to the mr hyde known as the sky light bookstore. great shows in chapel hill
twisted branch tea bazaar - great little cafe of spiritual life blood in charlottesville, va


Noreaster Zine Dot Com - D.C. web zine.
Big Yawn Dot Net - D.C. Web Zine.
beat bots - baltimore based ezine. good totally rocking.


WMUC - The bestest college radio station in the world.
KVRX - Austin college radio.
GW Radio - D.C. Internet only college rAdio.
WXDU - Duke college radio.
KZSU - Stanford college radio.


soi disantra - what ever the fuck that means. best place for 24 power rankings.
LUMP's a heathens guide - the most amazing writing you'll ever read
the electric possible - what isnt here? you got your electric possible experimental music showcase. you got your spanorb music wildness. and you got some books too.